RGF Staffing RGF Staffing 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 Concept / Projectmanagement Number M2700  m2 Solutionrenovation of entire floor Similar projectontwerp van Lomans installaties in Capelle ad IJssel RGF Staffing is a global recruitment agency with employees all over the world who work hybrid. Since all cultures are represented, we designed an office environment where everyone feels …

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Wildenberg ontwerpt kantoor Delamine indirecte verlichting jpg

Delamine Interior Design Delamine Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision SQUARE FOOTAGE800 M2 DetailThe ship-shaped core in the centre of the space has become the beating facilitative heart of the office. The desire  The board of chemical company delAmine was looking for an open and transparent workplace for 16 employees, fully equipped with …

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Klap Inspiring dynamics for the offices of Klap Verzekeringsmakelaar Interior design / Technical design /Construction support  SQUARE FOOTAGE950 m2 DetailBy working with different materials, such as soft and hard wall and floor finishing, interspersed with wood, chrome, suede and leather, a homely and accessible atmosphere has been created. The desireThe desire was clear: to increase …

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Barbershop A tough and manly interior for Mark’s Barbershop. Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision DetailBy painting the walls anthracite, the room feels much more secure during the day and also in the evening. The desireThe vibe of the former office building could not have been further removed from the atmosphere the owner …

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Omniplan ontwikkeld financiele planningssoftware voor financieel planners, private bankers, accountants en hypotheekadviseurs. Het bedrijf is in april 2016 verhuist van Purmerend naar de 8ste verdieping van de Piet Hein Building aan de Piet Heinkade te Amsterdam.


Stork Thermeq A large office environment with the typical Stork family vibe Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision SQUARE FOOTAGE3000 m2 The desireWe were asked for ideas to create an inspiring and dynamic office environment with restaurant on no less than 33,000 ft2. The key question was: how to take the very intimate …

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Het interieur van het pand aan de Larikslaan voor Wonen, Zorg en Welzijn heeft een metamorfose ondergaan. De balieruimte waar u binnen komt is nu is een ontwerp dat is verdeeld in  Larikslaan 2, deze vindt u aan de linker balie en Woning Stichting Leusden ( WSL ) zit nu rechts. De balie van Larikslaan 2 bedient mensen met vragen over Zorg en Welzijn en ontfermt zich over toekomstbestendig wonen. De WSL blijft aanspreekpunt voor huurders en woningzoekenden.


Entrepeneurs Square Almere Second Entrepreneurs Square of the Netherlands Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision SQUARE FOOTAGE2000 M2 Detailthe new location was opened by Prime Minister Rutte. It wasn’t long after the completed pilot project in Amersfoort that Almere also expressed its wish for a central entrepreneurs square to serve as a meeting …

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Ondernemersplaza: een pilot voor een inspirerende en unieke ontmoetingsplaats voor ondernemers in de regio Amersfoort. Ondernemers kunnen hier snel en makkelijk zaken regelen met andere ondernemers en organisaties zoals de Kamer van Koophandel, Belastingdienst en World Trade Center Almere Area, location Amersfoort. De Kamers van Koophandel slaan hiermee een nieuwe weg in.  Bron: Kamer van Koophandel