Wildenberg Interior Architecture

“I look at someone’s lifestyle,
interieurarchitect Stan van den Wildenberg portret foto wart wit before I start designing. “

Stan van den Wildenberg

Wildenberg Interior Architecture is an agency that both business and private customers have turned to for over 20 years for a complete interior journey, from design to delivery. Interior architect and owner Stan van den Wildenberg: “In our designs each space is given a strong identity that suits the client. This is something we can only achieve by really getting to know our client. To us, great commitment and listening carefully is therefore the basis for good design.”


“Sincere attention is the basis for good design”


The design vision of Wildenberg

The first phase, the interior design, revolves around the desires, possibilities and expectations of the client. Stan: “Being sincerely interested allows me to fully empathise with the wishes of the customer. Our first conversation consists of a brainstorming session. By asking many questions and listening carefully to the answers, clients naturally start to think more freely.

Technical design

In this phase we take the client through the technical part of the design. The interior design is elaborated in detail on large working drawings, including a lighting and electricity plan. Dedicating a great deal of attention to the accuracy and details of the drawings will ensure a smooth construction process and allows us to monitor everything to the last details.

Supervision of construction

During construction we contribute to ensuring a correct realisation of the interior design. Quality, planning and budget are strictly monitored. This is a beautiful stage, as all technical and financial aspects are set and decided on, allowing the construction team to get to work. For any project to be successful, project management is key.



interieurarchitect en een lege ruimte

De lege ruimte moet al een “wauw” effect teweeg brengen. Een ruimte zonder meubelen moet van zichzelf al een uitstraling hebben, een eigen identiteit. Die eigenheid geven we door het materiaal gebuik. Glas. hout en natuursteen zijn de hoofdmaterialen. Verder pas ik vaak indirecte verlichting toe, zodat de ruimte groter lijkt.


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