Exclusive living and working

Enjoy every day

At Wildenberg interior architecture we know that you are unique.

And that you want that to be reflected in your interior. The challenge lies in the fact that you have many ideas, but cannot come to an agreement together. That’s frustrating. Treat yourself to a unique, high-quality living and working environment!


We know that you are unique and that you want this to be reflected in your interior.


The starting point is to translate your identity into an exclusive design.


Life is too short to spend your time in a standard living and working environment

We understand the influence your interior has on your life

That is why we, as registered interior architects, work every day on exclusive projects for our clients at home and abroad.

Discover them here.



RGF Staffing RGF Staffing 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 Concept / Projectmanagement Number M2700  m2 Solutionrenovation of...
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Wildenberg ontwerpt kantoor Delamine indirecte verlichting jpg


Delamine Interior Design Delamine Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision SQUARE FOOTAGE800 M2...
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Wildenberg interieurarchitectuur Stan ontwerpt kantoor Klap met tafel en lounge zithoek lange eettafel


Klap Inspiring dynamics for the offices of Klap Verzekeringsmakelaar Interior design / Technical design /Construction...
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Each room has its own strong identity

Each interior has its own strong identity that suits the client. We incorporate the fixed data of the space and the client’s wishes into the design. Listening carefully to everyone’s interests is the basis for a vibrant and high-end interior.

Ik kijk naar iemands leefstijl, voordat ik begin met ontwerpen.Stan van den Wildenberg

Do you have little time yourself?

After the introduction, we only need 4 2-hour presentations with you for a complete high-end interior. We get to know each other, measure the rooms and get to work. There will be 2 meetings for the design and then 2 meetings for the working drawings. We make the working drawings of our design ourselves in advance. This saves questions from executors during construction and saves you time and budget. We guide the contractor on behalf of the client during the renovation in the aesthetic realization of the interior.

Wildenberg interior architecture is a member of the Bureau for Dutch Interior Architects (BNI) and registered in the Architect Register, which means it is qualified and complies with the EU guidelines.

How we work


To Listen

We would like to get to know you better and take stock of your wishes.


To Design

We create the design for you and  make technical drawings for the constructor.


To Guide

We are your guide during the project from the start until delivering your project.

Treat yourself to a unique living and working environment of high quality

You want an interior that perfectly suits your lifestyle. You want to reflect your corporate identity and corporate culture in your working environment. The challenge lies in the fact that you have a lot of ideas, but you do not have time to decide yourself or together with your board or employees. That’s frustrating. We solve that problem by realizing your perfect interior.

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