Sustainable design

The importance of sustainable design in interior architecture

From 2023 onwards, owners of office buildings are required to ensure their properties have, at a minimum, energy efficiency label C. Offices that do not comply with these new requirements may no longer be used. These new regulations could in future lead to buildings being self-sufficient in terms of energy by utilising innovative concepts in the field of, for example, installation technology, energy efficiency, interior landscaping and green facades and roofs. This new approach ensures cost-effective solutions, lower fixed costs and sustainable cost recovery.

We welcome these new regulations. We are aware of the duty of care we have for our planet and are more than happy to contribute to it. By using sustainable materials made from recycled raw materials, for example, and reusing furniture and other items. Every single project that we realise therefore has the smallest possible footprint and lowest possible CO2 emission levels. This improves the energy label of homes and offices and with it the value of the property. We work with a large network of suppliers of circular collections and select only the finest materials that meet all our requirements. We only use sustainable materials that are recycled as soon as they need to be replaced. In addition, we only work with entrepreneurs from the same region as the project. This allows us to contribute to sustainable and comfortable work and home situations and a healthier environment, day in and day out.