A large office environment with the typical Stork family vibe

Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision

3000 m2

The desire
We were asked for ideas to create an inspiring and dynamic office environment with restaurant on no less than 33,000 ft2. The key question was: how to take the very intimate and successful Stork family vibe and apply it to a state-of-the-art factory?

The result
Stan: “To us the case was clear-cut from the outset: involvement of every employee, from those in the boardroom to the most junior employees. Only through interviews, input moments and presentations on the new, empty location it is possible to come up with a design that all employees can be proud of.”

“Near the entrance stands a huge frame towering 26 feet into the air, reaching past the mezzanine. We integrated the reception desk in this frame. In addition to the natural pull towards the counter, the frame also offers a beautiful position for the company logo.”

“Thirteen feet long lamp shades reinforce the height of the mezzanine and stay lit overnight. In the old situation, short consultations created a great deal of distraction on the work floor. We created a space for these short consultation moments in the corridor zone, thereby making much more efficient use of this space and increasing concentration in the work zones.”

“In the courtyard we created lunch areas inside the company’s semi-finished products. As Stork produces large tanks, we asked employees to place some of them in the courtyard, adding benches and tables.”

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Customer Satisfaction Survey: 9.2

“Very proactive”