Larikslaan and Woning Stichting Leusden (WSL)

Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision

500 m2

The desire
The former entrance consisted of an enormous, stately desk from which employees looked down on visitors. A very inhospitable situation which made visitors feel small upon entering the premises. The two organisations shared this far too stately desk. This led to a joint desire by both organisations to welcome customers in a warm, accessible space, each with their own point of contact.

The result
An area that makes everyone immediately feel at ease and welcome. We achieved this by having people enter onto a square where you are immediately greeted by staff and the coffee maker. The counter area, clearly visible upon entry, has been split, with Larikslaan 2 on the left and Woning Stichting Leusden (WSL) located on the right. The square has seats where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee while they wait for their appointment. The space furthermore has two small areas that visitors can approach to ask questions. The structure of slats under the ceiling continues into the back wall, which creates a sense of community while also providing the square with a space of its own.