An extraordinary domain

Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision 

600 m2

One of the absolute eye-catchers is the thick glass plate in the floor that gives a view of the cellar.

The wish
The client wanted to turn this historic building into a contemporary and inspiring home. The natural woody environment had to form the framework for realizing a warm interior.

The result
We chose for a surprising combination of old and new. One of the most striking eye-catchers is the thick glass plate in the floor with a view of the cellar. The existing cellar has been converted to an office and study space and is situated partly below street level with a beautiful view of the garden.

Pivoting doors with glass panels separate the open-plan kitchen from the hall, creating the desired open and stylish character. The conservatory can be separated from the living room by means of identical steel-and-glass doors. The original, large stained-glass window and recesses in the hallway have been preserved and renovated. The bathroom has a soft wellness look with a free-standing bath under the coping.


In order to create more height and space we chose to utilise the full height of the ridge both on the first floor and the attic, making the beam construction visible. To create more comfort and warmth we chose for cuddly fabrics and rugs, providing a beautiful counterpoint to the stern, hard materials and lines of the doors. The wooden floors are made of coarse, extra wide boards, laid in a herringbone pattern and combined with Belgian bluestone, floor heating and area rugs. After executing the design, Hora delivered the furniture and gorgeous accessories.

“Wildenberg architecture is a surprising office that does not walk away from any challenge: sprucing up your own ideas with professionals brings the result to a higher level.” Wildenberg has a wide network of contractors to design designers. “

Project leader: Stefan van Ravenhorst