Guaranteed top nights in a tough mancave

Interior Design / Technical Design / Construction Supervision

80 M2

The garage has a dual destination. A place for the car and a relaxed evening.

The desire
The question posed to Wildenberg was to find a use for the large space below the garage. A manly interior and a design that was allowed to differ from the norm. His love for beautiful cars gave Stan the idea to give the garage a dual purpose. Manly, tough, raw, different, guys relaxing with friends, football, humour and beautiful cars. That was the idea.

The result
A man cave. While brainstorming for an appropriate purpose, it didn’t take long to boil it down to

pub, bar stools, laughing with friends, watching Champions League, cinema and vehicle space. And that’s exactly how it turned out.

There is a pinball machine for the in-house competition and while our client is not a great fan of whiskey himself, he does enjoy serving friends the best single malts and blends he has on offer. With a button below the bar the car can be brought down into the space, all while enjoying a glass of wine of excellent vintage and an exciting match of football on a 98’’ screen. In short: a great night out.

The design encompasses many rough materials, such as concrete plaster, lots of wood and steel and a sturdy fireplace for a warm pub feel. With the car lift providing the finishing touch.

Bar met goede whisky met een lambourghini op de achtergrond en Tom Dickson lampen
Een lift in de man cave (kelder) waarmee de Lamborghini naar boven en beneden geplaatst kan worden
stoere ruige kelder omgetoverd tot man cave met glas whisky films en voetbal
Een kelder speciaal met een bar en openhaard met een mooie whisky
Lamborghini in het wit met zwarte velgen in zijn eigen man cave kelder te bedienen met een lift naar boven en beneden
Gave man cave met dure auto bar met openbaard

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