Stan van den Wildenberg

“The influence that spaces have on how we feel is unprecedented”

“I’ve always had an eye for beautiful things. After graduating from technical school for furniture works, 17-year-old me started work as a furniture maker. I quickly worked my way up to works manager and came into contact with a lot of interior architects. Frankly, I wanted to do what they did. So I enrolled in art school, where I learned the importance of a correct design of a space. What is it going to be used for? Who is going to use it? What kind of vibe does it need? The impact a space has on the way we feel is just immense. Well-organised spaces make their inhabitants feel calmer and more comfortable. Areas that flow seamlessly into each other even contribute to better inner equilibrium. I am still grateful every single day to have the opportunity to help people design a space in which they can feel happier. I believe it is essential to fully and completely put oneself into the client’s shows. I simply need to understand the identity of my client, whether it’s a business or private client. Only then can I create a 100% tailor-made design.”

“It is important to me that all team members fully understand why a design is as it is. Everything we design originates from our personal and in-depth contact, in which the function of a space always occupies centre stage. All in all this enables us to create the ultimate home, work or living environment for business and private customers alike.”

Our team

interieurarchitect Wildenberg medewerker Ashley Hoekerd portret

Ashley Hoekerd, interiorarchitect

Ashley Hoekerd "Spaces tell a story” Spaces are important to people and influence how we...
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interieurarchitect eigenaar Linda van den Wildenberg portret

Linda van den Wildenberg, marketing & finance

Linda van den Wildenberg “Whenever you have a chance, you should seize the opportunity” “It has always been...
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