Danny Ossendrijver

“Be the best you can be. Encourage each other. Be honest. Dare to choose. Work hard and enjoy the happiness it provides”

“I have always liked making things, so choosing to study Industrial Design at the art academy in Zwolle was no surprise. After graduating, I was looking forward to starting a ‘real’ job. Before joining Wildenberg as a draughtsman and project manager, I worked for an international stand construction company and an interior construction company. My goal has always been clear: creating and designing beautiful things while continuing to learn. My work at Wildenberg is incredibly inspiring. Thanks to my great colleagues, I do my job with great pleasure and energy. Besides encouraging each other, we also like to challenge each other. In this way, we are able to continuously achieve excellent end results for our clients.”


Suzanne Overbeek

Suzanne Overbeek

No assignment is the same and deserves a personal approach. With this floor I hope...
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